New Video: Flower Graves – “Ociin”

Flower Graves continue putting stars in our third eye. At a time of isolation and distance, loneliness can have its own taste of peace. “Ociin” speaks to these feelings as though the band were told of Ian Curtis without having ever heard Joy Division. I see Sheila Vand in that scene of perfection; all stylized and rhythmic, imagining had A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night been made six years later. She places the record on to fill the silence and space—love is precarious after all—possibly this could have been the song washing over the uncertainty between her and Arash Marandi. Would it have felt more dangerous? We should probably listen to “Ociin” another fifteen times to know for sure.

This video by Diona West is Vince Collinsesque—circa “Life Is Flashing Before Your Eyes“—in a softer sense. Drawing warmth from the overall vibe of the song, deflecting our attention from the somber to the opening out in embracing the comfort beyond the unknown edges. Shiva taps us on the shoulder only to give us a wink. We lay on our backs wondering what did it even mean. Depends on our individual take on it. I guess. Like always.

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