NEW VIDEO: Amyl and the Sniffers – “Got You”

Amyl and the Sniffers are god! I know it, you know it, the world knows it. Rock n roll is resurrected, the Johnny Rotten rotting corpse has reanimated to fill the alleyways of our lives with the vilest, gnarliest, urine soaked stench and we cannot get enough. Over a month remains until their first full length comes down on us like a backroom boot heel in a sketch bdsm brothel. “Got You” is their first legit video to date and it is tight. Director Triana Hernandez has an ideal grasp on the image the band is building their dominance on. With a minimalist shot on videocassette approach, we get Wake in Fright vibes that neither skew Amyl and the Sniffers in the slightest from focus on the song itself while solidifying what anyone who has caught them live wants to see encapsulated; the unadulterated, theatrically raw, in the moment now of a band changing our existence for the better. Whose got a basement to spare around Austin? Let’s keep them here with us forever!