New Phoenix Single – “Entertainment”

February 18th, almost four years after Phoenix released their killer record “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” the band released their first new studio content. The track is a single, titled “Entertainment,” off their upcoming record “Bankrupt!,” which is expected to drop April 23rd.

I’ve been a huge phoenix fan since their release in 2009, and let me tell you, it has been a long four years. Over time, my hope faded slowly. Possibilities of having to replay “Lisztomania” over and over again until the end of time seemed more possible with each passing year. However, now my prayers have been answered. Of course, the bar has been set extremely high by their first record, and I know fans such as myself have been eager to see where the band has decided to take their sound, but don’t worry; “Entertainment” appears to be the triumphant return we’ve been waiting for. Allow me to break down this first taste of the new Phoenix.

Right off the bat, the melody kicks off, and that glorious synth-pop sound that we’re used to speeds through the speakers with Thomas Mars’ voice sounding as good as ever, in all of its frenchy-goodness. It’s like “Wolfgang Amadeus” never ended, and we’re picking right back up, and sailing on with part two with the same catchy sound in our sails. However, at the same time, there are a few changes in the music. The track seems quite a bit more synthesizer based for the majority of the song, contrary to the poppy, guitar-driven anthems of the previous record. Along with this, Mars’ vocals seem to play a larger role in complimenting and forming the base of the song. I am not saying this to raise questions, because I still think it’s a great track  that has an addictive sound, and I also think that “Bankrupt!” has a very strong potential to be a worthy successor. Start counting down the days until April 23rd, Phoenix fans!

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