New Music Video: Willie Nelson – “Immigrant Eyes”

Willie Nelson – “Immigrant Eyes

by Jay Armstrong

Immigrant Eyes

Always relevant, always important, Willie Nelson continues as he has done every step of his career; speaking the words our spirits long to hear through his take on Guy Clark’sImmigrant Eyes.” This time around the humor we heard when he and Haggard got together a few years back to give us one of the stronger singles of his career with “It’s All Going To Pot,” has been removed, bringing the weight of what he has been attempting to say clearly for years defiantly down.  In place of the humor and clever turning of phrase he chooses now to lay at our feet this somber, soft-spoken, heartbreaking melody of remembrance and reason at a time in our collective history where we need it as much as ever. Sing us home Willie. Hold us as we nurse our wounds. Guide us once more to boldly remember the truth in our current climate. Challenge those of us losing our footing on the path of empathy.  Willie Nelson, thank you eternally for being our rock.

His album Ride Me Back Home is out this week, it also includes a take on one of the all-time best swing your mug hits, “It’s Hard To Be Humble” from the shirtless poolside gold-cross wearing Mac Davis as well as a re-imagining of his own “Stay Away From Lonely Places,” which he originally recorded back in ’72 on the The Words Don’t Fit The Picture Album.

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