New Music Video: Holy Wave – “I’m Not Living in the Past Anymore”

Has it really been two years since the last Holy Wave album? Even if it were only two weeks it would feel too long. “I’m Not Living in the Past Anymore” is a legit continuation of expectations. With a sound so grooved the only worry we could have is of them falling out of it. Their new album Interloper will be out on May 8th, no need getting ahead of ourselves waxing poetic when we will be spewing paragraphs of dribble so soon. We already laid our infatuation on pretty thick in the review of The Evil Has Landed, doing it again but differently should not be difficult; one can imagine the band saying the same thing when sitting down to piece together a new grip of songs.

Between the full length and now we have this damn fine trip of a video created by Drip/Cuts (Victor Enriquez) and Holy Wave which nails their simplistic aesthetic in craft while still feeling orgiastic in creativity. Basically business as usual for this band who have been around just long enough to start being grandfathered in as the torchbearers of the Austin ideology. Rock n roll may be a young (wo)man’s game but it takes a bit of age to pull it off this smooth. It is a good thing Holy Wave kept on the grind for so long, now after something like eleven years of focus every one of us can feel it in the wind; this band is on the cusp of defining relevant importance.

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