New Music: Tacocat – “Hologram”

Tacocat - This Mess is a Place

New Music: Tacocat – “Hologram”


Hologram,” the second single from the upcoming This Mess is a Place (Sub Pop), show Tacocat further stating the band’s use of broader strokes in their sound as they continue defining their voice within the crowd. It seems the edges which magnetized us initially are being gently laid to rest, giving a relaxed yet weighted focus on lyric content and instrumental space in an attempt at climbing notably out of the fun yet vague piece in the acute all they had previously blended with. Continuing in their already notable willingness to have their hands in substance over derivative; the move seems logical and sounds necessary while listening through this opening track from the album.

Hologram” speaks to how our vantage point in life changes inescapably with time while the results of the finite feeling beneath it all remains the conclusion regardless of our ever shifting inner-zeitgeist. We find as the song develops the message to be solace found by accepting the idea of being ineffectual or complacent as largely self-imposed. The heart is a rallying motivational in that all of us are small on the scale of reality while no one–including (especially) ourselves–has real power to hold us there. Don’t believe the hype, don’t subscribe to social pressures, feelings of inadequacies need be discarded, all distractions keeping us from seeing the all as it is are plastic; beautiful, expansive, malleable seems to be this perspective on life the ethos champions;”Hologram” is an ideally expressed Nietzsche philosophy under a Jenny Lewis tone. Hopefully this song is a perfect guidepost for our expectations for the album overall. Some bands make you cringe as they grow into themselves; Tacocat are not one of those bands. This song would have felt shallow coming off if it were merely a repackaged “Crimson Wave” and visa-versa defending the subtle differences between then and now admirably.

This Mess is a Place will be out on May 3.

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