New Music: Country Legend Roky Moon – “Choo Choo”

It seemed impossible to love Roky Moon any more than we already did. We were wrong. Following in the trajectory that happens to pretty much every great artist who soaks their bones in Austin for an extended period of time, we now see the final phase of acclimation from heavy rock n roll (American Sharks), to the Kiss meets T-Rex sorta southern-glam consolidating all important elements of the seventies (Roky Moon), and now the full boots slipped on Saturday night strut of country. It’s a tale as old as time.

Featuring a whole mess of our favorite talent and all-around best people in the world; Rockyanne Bullwinkle (The Reputations and—shhhhh don’t tell anyone where you heard it from— the undoubtedly incredible and impossible to overhype new project soon to see the light of day, Blue Jean Queen), Caleb Dawson (The Bad Lovers), Ryan Lee (Crypt Trip), Cam Wren (Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad),  Jimmy Wildcat (The Bad Lovers/The Reputations), and Cole McDonnell. This is the first single of many from the upcoming album Feels So Good Records is putting out. Without further ado, here is “Choo Choo” from Country Legend Roky Moon!

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