New Music: Blue Jean Queen

Blue Jean Queen

by Jay Armstrong


Is anyone else over completely the perpetual reminders that Rockyanne Bullwinkle is the most perfect gift Austin has been given this side of Janis pulling up stakes and heading out to San Francisco? I guess this is what we have to deal with when stuck at home unable to go out each night to be numbed by egomaniacal narcissists hiding their futile middling talent behind fake-it-til-you-make-it machismo. I demand the bars get opened back up! Give me mediocrity or give me death! That is what I always say anyway. I need to feel the cool rush of forgettability strutting around on stage. I need the droning echo of someone explaining the purity of shoegaze or psychedelic (read: washed in reverb) music to their cornered coworkers. To hell with hearing this new project from Rocky. Who wants to feel happiness? Who wants the magnetic pull of love spreading joy on a day such as this? Count me out. Now is not the time to remember those early Rocky and the Wildcat sets where we stood heart-eyed, mouth-open awe jawed, learning for the first that charisma and talent coexisted in such a humbly radiating presence. Certainly, it is not the time to remember those Golden Ghetto days of wanting more, more, more or how heartbreaking it is not being able to catch her electrifying a crowd with The Reputations. To witness now another memorable step on Rocky’s path to the eternal timeless SOMEWHERE; it is more than our eyes deserve to see. Some might say my heart grew three sizes today. And that the true meaning of music came shining through. That hearing it gave me the strength of ten Jays, plus two! Disgusting. I might have to sit through a White House briefing or something just to cleanse the ye old psychic palate.

Not to take away in the slightest from the experience in hearing our first Blue Jean Queen song but occasionally lady luck places her hand upon mine and I get to hear things a few minutes before they hit the streets. So let me just say the second song she has in the works is soooooooooooooooooooooo incredible! I am bummed slightly to not be gushing prostrate before it just yet. Then again, to have another glimpse of heaven to look forward to in these monotonous covid days is truly worth cherishing.

Blue Jean Queen – Bandcamp | Instagram

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