Myspace: ….The Sequel?

MySpace Is Making A Comeback?


That’s right, you heard correctly folks! Although Justin Timberlake may have played the guy from Napster in The Social Network, in reality, he’s the new creative director for Myspace. The “New MySpace” attempts to mix the old MySpace, Facebook, and Spotify programs all in one. The concept may seem ingenious, but do we really need another social networking site that is made up of other sites that already exist? After its re-launch just a few weeks ago, it became apparent that sometimes things don’t get better after high school.


According to an article, Justin Timberlake had 1.5 million “Friends” in the original Myspace. With this new set up, he only has 50,000. Of course, like always, you gain more friends with time, but the initial hype has already fizzled. I got the chance to sign up for the new site when it was still being worked on, and after having it for a few months, it’s safe to say that the chances of me returning to MySpace are as slim as the chances of me going back to Xanga. However, I’d say go ahead and sign up, discover what new possibilities the new MySpace may lead you to, who knows, maybe it’ll prove me wrong. So what do you think? Will the new MySpace become one of your new favorite social networks? Or is JT staying off your “Top 8”?

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