My Top Five Recent Albums

Ruins by Grouper

Grouper’s newly released album Ruins will undoubtebly give you chills at one point

or another throughout the eight track record. The album features a mix of dark, soul

wrenching songs that are bound to draw emotion out of the listener. Ruins‘ first

single “Call Across Rooms” may be the most soul wrenching of all songs on the

record, leaving the listener with a dark feeling of solidarity.



Faith In Strangers by Andy Stott

Andy Stott’s new album takes the listener on an industrial electronic journey similar

to his last record Luxury Problems. The result is another pleasing and unique album,

with even more audible experimental creativity in the production. The soft and

ambient track “Faith in Strangers” is the clear stand out from this record and may be

Stott’s best track to date.


You’re Dead by Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus gives us his best effort to date with his October release of You’re Dead.

The album features the unique, jazzy, and experimental hip-hop sounds that we are

accustomed to hearing from the prestigious producer. “Never Catch Me” is the top

track on this record, featuring the incredible lyrical work of rapper Kendrick Lamar.



Run The Jewels 2 by Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels returned this fall with a more refined sounding version of their

already applauded first record. Run The Jewels 2 is the heaviest hitting rap album of

the year, featuring the usual intelligent and sneering lyrics that we have come to

expect from Killer Mike and El-P. Overall the album is a must-listen for anyone

interested in the hip-hop genre.


LP1 by FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs is the strangest new music artist of the year, just watch one of her many

unique and artistic music videos. If the music videos don’t convince you of just how

unique FKA Twigs is, this record will. The album mixes top-notch experimental

electronic production with FKA Twig’s soothing and harmonic voice. “Two Weeks”

and “Lights On” are both too catchy to resist, but “Water Me” is the single to

remember from this one of a kind R&B album.



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