Music Video Premiere: Zachman’s “Your World Cuts Into Mine”

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With a meticulous eye for creativity, Austin’s psychedelic/rock band Zachman has forged a musical project both personal and accessible. Already garnering attention from the likes of BrooklynVegan, Ovrld and Do512, Zachman is composed of a written and aural storyline by Johnny Zachman entitled I Was Getting On a Plane. With a multitude of chapters and a plethora of songs underway, each piece remains a distinct vignette. Zachman’s new music were recorded directly to tape at The Bell Tree Studio with Gary Calhoun James (Box of Baby Birds, Rain Collectors) — and the band has celebrated their releases at renowned venues in Austin such as The Mohawk, Sidewinder, Cheer Up Charlies and Lambert’s. The quartet will return to Bell Tree Studio in mid-December to record more singles set for release in 2017.


Rather than sticking to film footage that presents a similar story as their lyrics and music, Zachman paves out a path of their very own by using a carefully crafted montage from director Gershuny’s horror film Silent Night, Bloody Night (1972) to pair with their introspective post-rock single for “Your World Cuts Into Mine”. In a written chapter by Johnny Zachman, surrealism blankets one of the character’s landscapes as he finds himself in a dream with rain pouring outside while standing sheltered inside a tent. Although he is blinded by darkness, his aural senses perk up as a band opens with the song, “Your World Cuts Into Mine”. The band’s music video succeeds in heightening their audience’s senses, working from a minimalist form and gradually building to an instrumental (and murderous) climax. The juxtaposition of Zachman’s calms and expanding tensions are seen alongside their video’s scenes of childhood playfulness and purity combined with the inevitable loss of innocence. Keeping the video’s wear and tear appeal adds to its nostalgic and sentimental value, a fragmented yet revisited memory that has stood the test of time.




Zachman’s next show will take place on Wednesday, December 7th at Cheer Up Charlies along with sets by Shivery Shakes, Chakra Khan and Drag Me Over the Rainbow. The band’s set to take the stage at 9PM — you can RSVP to the show here and enter to win a $20 bar tab via Do512!


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