Music Video Premiere: Sundae Crush – “Dating Game 3000”

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Sundae Crush – “Dating Game 300”

by Trish Connelly 

If you’re not one to take the hyped-up consumerist holiday too seriously, Sundae Crush have just the gift in store for you this Valentine’s Day. Premiering their glitter-filled hyper-pasteled music video for “Dating Game 3000”, the band delights in creating a futuristic game show competition straight out of your most vibrant and nostalgic childhood Lisa Frank dreams. Comprised of Izzi Vasquez on the drums, Jesse Botello on bass, Alex Naughton strumming guitar and Jena Pyle as vocalist (as well as playing gameshow host), Sundae Crush’s video is playful yet smart, taking the generic notions of TV dating programs and turning them on their heads. From inquiring about shared fries and Wi-Fi passwords to making sure their potential date holds shared interests while simultaneously maintaining healthy and autonomous boundaries, the quartet’s DIY creativity feels like a relatable world we’d all love to disappear in for a while. Says director Lila Burns on the making of the video, “Sundae Crush makes the perfect songs for using lots of bright colors, starbursts and sparkles, so it was a total pleasure to build this world around them […]Dating is weird, make music videos with your friends instead!” With an opening slot for Frankie Cosmos already under their belt and their debut EP currently in the works, we’re excited to see what this Seattle-based act comes up with next.




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