Music Video: Moron’s Morons – “Addicted to Homicide”

Moron’s Morons – “Addicted to Homicide”

Without an official release date other than “out soon” from Slovenly Recordings, let us for the moment breathe once more the air of anticipation from this Michał Mitoraj directed video for “Addicted to Homicide.” Things are looking big for scuzzy rock n roll this year; Moron’s Morons and Slovenly Recordings in general look to be significant factors in that statement. Anon will have the album review up as soon as it touches our ears. In the meantime let us be thankful we still keep up with labels on Facebook. Otherwise, this one had been long forgotten since first touching pavement back in November. If you slept on their Indecent Exposure EP, remember it rips and won’t be around to get your grubby hands on forever.

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