Mood Board: The Last Summer

Not to get all misty-eyed and drama queen-y on you, but in a sense, this is my last summer. I’m not dying of a terminal illness or relocating to Antarctica, but I am preparing to move across the country and take on the real world, where work and school will undoubtedly occupy even my summer months. Soon enough, carefree summers will be a thing of the past and I’ll be left to grapple with East Coast winters and a wardrobe better suited to my future career (see: The Devil Wears Prada) than a weekend at a music festival.

So with that being said, my current sartorial mood is an ode to summer; complete with vintage denim, hyperactive prints, unkempt hair, bright colors, flower-child accents, and badass shades. After all, this is my last chance to embrace carefree, bohemian looks before my wardrobe and I have to grow up.

Not that my fashion future looks all that bad- I just bought a killer black tuxedo jacket for chilly nights out- but that’s a story for another mood board.


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