Mixtape Monday with Dais Records



Founded by Gibby Miller and Ryan Martin in 2007, Dais Records focuses on releasing recent acts that are ahead of their time, as well as re-releasing near lost and forgotten material that forms a bond and serves as an inspiration for up and coming projects. Based out of Los Angeles, California and Brooklyn, New York, Dais Record’s first release was Genesis P-Orridge’s Thee Early Worm (initially recorded in 1968) as well as re-issues by Annabelle’s Garden, an original vinyl recording of William S. Burroughs’ Nothing Here Now but the Recordings, as well as recent releases from Youth Code, High Functioning Flesh and Drab Majesty. Dais’ focus on underground and post-punk music has served to bring awareness to projects that they love and respect while simultaneously forming a cohesive roster of the old and new.




Dais Records recently released synth-pop’s Body of Light’s album Let Me Go on July 29th as well as New Zealand’s The Cakekitchen’s re-issues for their albums Time Flowing Backwards and World of Sand Miller and Martin will also be releasing an upcoming LP collection, “Back to the Wood”, for mid-80’s post-punk’s Spahn Ranch this fall. The label curated a playlist for our Mixtape Monday this week with material spanning through to their inception in 2007. Give it a spin below and be sure to share it with friends!



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