Mixtape Monday: Wishing For the Heat to Die by somewherecold


Bellavista – And It Was Cold

Soft Science – Cold

Monster Movie – Colder Days

Landing – First Snow

Windy & Carl – Snow Covers Everything

Tiny Fireflies – Snow

Duran Duran – Winter Marches On

The Appleseed Cast – Ice Heavy Branches

Blankenberge – So Cold

Lilys – The Way Snowflakes Fall

Au Revoir Simone – The Winter Song

The Cure – Snow in Summer


Jason Lamoreaux is the owner, writer, and editor of Somewherecold, owner of Somewherecold Records, and a published author. He is also a collaborator on the ambient project Aural Blankets and has his own recording project called The Corrupting Sea.


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