Mixtape Monday: Heavy Rocker

Mixtape Monday - Heavy Rocker

Bob Seger & the Last Herd – “Heavy Music”

Girlschool – “Take It All Away”

Natural Child – “Laid, Paid, and Strange”

Dinos Boys – “Knee High”

The Riffs – “Johnny Too High”

Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – “City Slang”

Bored – “Where Eagles Dare” (Misfits Cover)

Testors – “Time is Mine”

The Skunks – “Earthquake Shake”

Thin Lizzy – “Ballad of the Hard Man”

Heavy Cruiser – “Everytime I Hear Your Music”

Stud Leather – “Cut Loose”

Duke and the Drivers – “What You Got”

Roxxcalibur – “Running for the Line”

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