Mixtape Monday: Friends of Friends

Mixtape Monday: Friends of Friends from anonmagazine on 8tracks Radio.


envy – SWOON

Hermits on Holiday – Drinks

Mind Honey – Senpai

Good Things [I Only Think Of] – Soviet X-Ray Record Club

Can’t Get Enough – Summer Cannibals

Wasting Time – Half Light

Hunger Strike – Whitewash

Hollywood Babylon (Misfits cover) – Modern Vices


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  • Ava Stevens

    LOOOVE S W O O N!!! Such a DIFFERENT sound in this hip hop, screaming, nothing-new music world!! These kids have the touch of “know-how” in building cresendos and then, blam, out of this world emotional grabs! Fresh! Delightful! “Swoon-y”!! I’m luck to be from their hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee!!! What an asset to our music-scene!!!

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