Mixtape Monday: FREE WEEK In Austin!


Turning – Grivo

Boy’s Club – Critical Dad

It’s My Way of Staying Connected – She Sir

Under the Continental Divide – Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes

This Isn’t Easy to Say – Kingdom of Suicide Lovers

Pretty Little Pig – Popper Burns

Weak Knees – Alex Napping

Mistakes – KNIFIGHT

Black Crayon – Christian Bland and the Revelators

Call It, For Real – Bali Yaaah

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin – Lord Buffalo

Stare at the Sun – Ringo Deathstarr

I’m Eating Bamboo – Honey and Salt

Just About Due – Flesh Lights



Monday, January 4th

Rose Sélavy, Pale Dīan, Shmu, Grivo – Cheer Up Charlies


Tuesday, January 5th

Queer Dive with Popper Burns, Transit Method, MeanGirls, Critical Dad – Swan Dive

Dikes of Holland, Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes, Ex- Legionnaires, Oozer – Hotel Vegas


Wednesday, January 6th

She Sir, Milezo, Shmu, Malandros, Dreamboat, The Louisiana Purchase, Duo Contra – The Sidewinder

Super Secret Records Night with Evil Triplet, Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Nameless Frames – Hotel Vegas


Thursday, January 7th

Lomelda, RF Shannon, Alex Napping, Major Major Major, Battle Bend, The Nude Party – Cheer Up Charlies

Popper Burns, Milezo, The Sun Machine, Kay Odyssey, Black Liquid Drop, Tamarron, Sailor Poon, Bad Dad, The Dizzease, Shivery Shakes – Barracuda


Friday, January 8th

Christian Bland and the Revelators, Lochness Mobsters, Nude Party – Hotel Vegas

Knifight, GOBI, Otis the Destroyer, Hours Quiet – The Sidewinder


Saturday, January 9th

Ringo Deathstarr, Boyfrndz, My Education, Residual Kid, Megafauna, Think No Think, On Delay – The Sidewinder

Indian Jewelry, Isaiah the Mosaic, Bali Yaaah, Hidden Ritual, Golden Graves, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Ringo Deathstarr, Christian Bland and the Revelators, Moving Panoramas – Mohawk

Elvis & David Bowie’s Birthday Party with Walker Lukens & the Side Arms, Milezo, MCG, Lord Buffalo, Velo – Cheer Up Charlies


Sunday, January 10th

Ex Hex, Flesh Lights, Sweet Talk, The Dan Ryan, Black Balsam, Marijuana Sweet Tooth, Astrobleme – Mohawk

Bright Like the Sun, Arielle LaGuette, Free Kittens & Bread, The Khost, Hunter Jones, Honey and Salt – Swan Dive


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