Mixtape Monday: Carole’s Slumber Party

Mixtape Monday:

Carole’s Slumber Party

Mixtape Monday - Carole's Slumber Party


You won’t believe what we uncovered while digging around in the attic over the weekend. Carole’s mixtape from her slumber party¬† in ’77. Carole you were the cooooolest!

1.Carpenters – “Yesterday Once More”

2. Ricky Wilde – “Teen Waves”

3. The Scruffs – ” Break the Ice”

4. Ricky Wilde – “I Wanna Go to a Disco”

5. The New Order – I Can’t Quit Ya”

6. Blondie – “X Offender”

7. David Bowie: “Young Americans”

8. Hot Rod – “I Want You (All Night Long)”

9. Ramones – “Suzy Is A Headbanger”

10. Lyn Collins – “Mama Feelgood”

11. Fleetwood Mac – “I Don’t Want to Know”

12. Love and Kisses – “I’ve Found Love (Now That I’ve Found You)”

13. Van Morrison – “Tupelo Honey”

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