Men’s Obsession: Fashion Week

So many fashion shows, men’s included, have weird clothes that look cool, but you could never wear them. Not in the states at least. So, we found three Fashion Week looks that are ready-to-wear and won’t make you look silly.

Menswear gray suit

Jack Spade’s collection absolutely killed it this year. Full of great suits and lots of fall-appropriate colors. This is a great example of the nearly one-toned suit with simple variations. A dark brown bag, with slightly lighter shoes, lighter even suit, and the lightest shade on the shirt. It is finished off with a black tie and a lapel flower to match. Fall’s version of blue on blue on blue looks fantastic, and notice this: nothing looks better than a well-fitting suit.

Menswear red scarf

You can picture this look in a vintage red convertible (think Ferris Bueller) driving down PCH, and I don’t know if anything cooler has ever existed. Michael Bastian gets everything right here. The olive pants are a cool alternative to khaki or jeans, and the red, Scottish scarf adds a blast (as opposed to pop) of color, and that little jangly thing hanging from his belt loop is neat. The length of pant should be noticed here, too. That’s how it should be.

Menswear parka

If you’ve ever wondered how to stay warm and fashionable at the same time, Todd Snyder shows you how.  A great, well-fitting, three-piece suit, with a super dope parka thrown on top. The boots even look weather proof while remaining in style. While a fairly plain look, this is classic and sharp. You can’t go wrong with that description for anything that you wear.

The goal isn’t to emulate these looks exactly but to take them as examples to build looks with probably more affordable pieces. Look at places like H&M or Macy’s for similar pieces to begin your 2014 Fall Collection.

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