Men’s Obsession: Doodles Homme

A few months ago, we happened to stumble across an up-in-coming menswear brand out of LA called Doodles Homme. As a few of you may recall, we even helped promote their Kickstarter for them. But anyway, within a few days of discovering this badass brand, they graciously sent us a bunch of samples from their new line, and well, this is the product of that. We rounded up a few model friends and a cool photographer and made our way out to Austin for a photo shoot. The brand has everything from patterns and prints to t-shirts and button-ups, as you can see. If this isn’t enough to make you go gaga over this brand, then you must be hopeless because this shit is great.

Photographer: Tyler Tyndell

Clothes: Doodles Homme

Models: Will Jardell, Russel Zacher, Bo Martinez, and Matthew Speer

Anon 10690 Anon 10687 Anon 10678Anon 10685 Anon 10673 Anon 10693Anon 10711Anon 10671Anon 10684

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