MEN: Spice Up Your Spring Wardrobe


There is, truthfully, no greater way for men to express their lack of concern for what other people think than wearing bow ties on the regular. Bow ties are in an entirely new league of their own, and, you can pretty much find one that goes with almost any outfit. 

Nextly, the oxford saddle shoe is another one of those totally in style items that every guy should have on hand in their wardrobe selection. Not only are these shoes comfortable and attention-grabbing, but they also work well with business casual outfits, and typical day-to-day outfits as well. 

The Herschel Bag…goodness, that company definitely knows how to create trendy-yet-totally-user-friendly items, don’t they? From back packs, to duffels, to physical suitcases, to wallets, you can find a color that matches anything and everything in your wardrobe. 

Lastly, slim khakis. Now, before I say anything else, please notice the word SLIM. Lately, people have been trying to bring back the baggy pants look for men, and, between you and me, I find that to be absolutely horrendous. Slimmer pants not only accentuate the good aspects of your body, but they also allow for a clean-cut look that you cannot find using anything else.

I do realize that some of these items may be out of your current price range, but, luckily for you, there are ALWAYS springtime sales and events in most retail stores that carry very similar products to these! 

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