Maija Sofia’s “Stains” is a Beautiful Reflection on Transitory States



Maija Sofia isn’t one to let go of her artistic reins — her single “Stains” off her debut EP The Sugar Sea was self-written, recorded and produced and Sofia also took command in directing her music video. The Dublin-based indie folk songstress captured the track’s solemn mood on a foggy and dreary day by the beach with chairs set out for two but only one of them occupied. “Stains” oscillates between ambivalence and certainty, wishing to forget mistakes made, hesitant to immerse herself entirely yet just as quickly plunging back towards investing her whole being to her lover (“I’d give you my whole world, have everything“). Her waves of emotion stem from willing to sacrifice everything she has to be with her partner but a persistent insecurity that poses a consistent rift in their relationship. Sofia stains herself and her surroundings in the hope of marking a permanence in her relationship, however her etchings in the sand and even the thick traces of lines on her skin will eventually fade away with time. Sofia succinctly encapsulates doubts and hesitations with her lyrics and her fairy tale minimalist art that are so inherent in lover’s quarrels and regrets, we look forward to seeing what other universal truths come out of her music in the near future.



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Tour Dates
September 8 -The Slaughtered Lamb, London
September 13 – Anseo, Dublin
October 1 – Nambucca, London


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