Losing Your Flames

Losing Your Flames was developed by Sara York and Mikel Ledesma to show the devastating effects of bullying on today’s society. Coming out is a very personal experience, and each individual should set the time and place to tell their friends they are gay. But the world isn’t always kind when others find out, and sometimes that unkindness is too much to take.

LGBT youth are 4 times more likely and questioning youth are 3 times more likely to attempt suicide as their straight peers. When confronted with anger and teasing from friends and family, LGBT young are left with nowhere to turn.

Losing Your Flames provides a platform for discussion. Delving deep into the mind of teenagers caught in a crisis and feel they are alone.



In April 2014, Mikel Ledesma approached Sara York with a project idea, and Losing Your Flames was birthed.

Sara York has been writing novels for over twelve years. Almost three years ago the injustice done to gay men became too much to ignore, and Sara switched to writing primarily gay literature, bringing to light the destruction bigotry creates. When Mikel Ledesma approached her with the idea, she agreed and wrote the original screenplay. Less than a week later, Mikel presented the project to New Hope Pictures in Bedford, Tx.

New Hope Pictures is an Independent Film Company located in Bedford, Texas; owned and operated by W. Patrick Martin, who has made successful short films in the past. “Where I Find Peace” recently won 3rd place for Best Short Film at the Lake Charles Film Festival in 2013 and Best Actress went to Gwendolynn Murphy.   With five partners in place at New Hope, we strive to make the best product of short or feature films.

Losing  Your Flames is currently campaigning on IndieGogo. By supporting this project, you are not merely helping defray the cost of production, but you are giving back to those who have worked hard to make this project a success. You are also paying it forward to those youth who will be impacted positively by this message.

Losing Your Flames is so much more than a film. It is a tool to help save a life. Support the cause and learn more at IndieGoGo, and don’t forget to follow and share their mission on Facebook!

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