New Music Video: Lo Country – “Black Cloud”

Lo Country – “Black Cloud”

Lo Country photo by Meghan Baas

With what they have lined up this year, nobody putting out records in this town has a clue of what they are doing anywhere close to Feels So Good Records. No doubt you as well have heard a few whispers comin’ off of the dark end of the street about what they have in store worth getting us all gooey over. No need to spill all those beans just yet in the case you haven’t but do not worry, you will hear about it as soon as the rumors take a tangible turn. Let us keep our focus here now on the killer video for “Black Cloud;” a good ole chip off the block of our Halloween Visual Mixtape without the gore. Benjamin Cissner directed it so no surprise there. Lo Country have been keeping their heads down for far too long, this first bite out of their upcoming full-length, Drip Castle, certainly has us interested. Then again, anyone who has spent ten minutes around Lo Country in the flesh already knows they are about the nicest buncha dropouts you could kick dirt with which should have pretty much every unpretentious decent comrade in Austin’s ears already perked their way regardless. Grab a copy of Drip Castle on February 22nd at Stay Gold for their album release show with Rattlesnake Milk and Will Courtney & the Wild Bunch.

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