Like the Ocean – Songs of Yesterday

Photography & Concept: Charles Wong of Visual Poetry Journey ( Instagram )

Wardrobe Styling: Thea Acierno ( Instagram )

Makeup and Hair Styling: Brenda Beltran of Vibrant Beauty

Models: Katrina Rose of Seven Models & Werda DeWet

Venue: Tonality Records ( Instagram )


“Like the Ocean – Songs of Yesterday” is an allegorical fashion art story inspired by the beautiful yet mysterious ocean. Two girls explore a vintage record store on a pleasant afternoon and remind us of the simple and dreamy times of yesteryear, when music existed on gorgeous, tangible vinyl, like sparkling gems hidden away awaiting discovery.
Words defy the feeling of the heartfelt memoir and warm embrace of vinyl music from a favourite artist. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, the melodies emote to us like the glistening golden ocean at sunset and the mysterious purple waters at night.
Fade in, fade out, to the sound of the crashing waves. Lingering melodies, reverberate softly.
Like whispers lost in time.
An awakening dream.
Charles Wong

-With special thanks to Tonality Records








4Katrina: dress from H&M, scarf and shoes from Zara // Werda: vest and trouser from H&M, top and shoes from Zara




A2Katrina: top from Topshop, trousers from Forever 21, shoes from Zara // Werda: top from Zara, denim from Guess Jeans, shoes from Aldo


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