Let’s Get Nautical

With spring and summer fast approaching, it’s time to throw out the old, and bring in the new. A big trend coming this spring is patterns. More specifically, mixing different patterns. As we’ve seen recently, stripes are back, and are more prominent than ever. So, why not mix those hard, straight lines with a bouncy floral pattern? A never ending staple for spring & summer fashion will always be the nautical style; so, feel free to mix up this outfit with a vintage-inspired compass necklace. Now, I know you’ve probably grown up believing that everything in an outfit needs to match, but that’s the great thing about this spring, IT DOESN’T. Add to this outfit a pastel blue belt to add contrast to the bold colors presented in the skirt and bandeau. I promise, it WILL be okay if you don’t match! Lastly, add the essential Jeffrey Campbells. You may say “they’re ridiculous,” or “I could never pull those off,” or “they’re way too expensive,” but I’m here to tell you that they’re worth it! I personally own three pairs, and I am obsessed with them. The best part is, you can find JC’s on sale quite often, so no need to worry about the price! If you want an outfit that really puts you out there and makes you the center of attention in any room, check out what I’ve put together for you!
Spring 2013


Photo Source: tumblr.com

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