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Teresa Suárez, better known as Teri Gender Bender and front-woman of Le Butcherettes, spent her former years growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, where she witnessed the violent and misogynistic treatment of women first-hand. The balancing act of chaos and corruption tied together with the peacefully religious in her community allowed her to always consider both sides of the coin and gain perspective. As an adolescent, she found solace and escape in punk and hardcore music. Her music idols ranged from Henry Rollins/Black Flag to Shirley Manson, and in 2007 she formed her musical project, Le Butcherettes. Teri Gender Bender’s live performance is unlike any other; with her intense and flailing energy on stage and her use of pig’s heads and bloodied aprons as props, she shines light on Mexico’s prejudice towards women and their role in society.




Having toured with the likes of The Melvins, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Deftones, as well as produced with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta, Le Butcherettes have gained critical acclaim over the last few years. Teri Gender Bender’s most recent album off Ipecac Recordings, A Raw Youth, includes guest appearances by John Frusciante and Iggy Pop. Teri says the album is “an ode to rebels throughout history who fought for what they believed in, despite being murdered or having their families castrated or imprisoned.” A Raw Youth comes across as a lot cleaner in production than the bands’ previous albums, yet still holds strength and conviction with Le Butcherettes’ message. Teri crafts her words carefully and thoughtfully, but she also keeps in mind those with English as a second language so they are able to understand her lyrics as well.



Le Butcherettes featuring Iggy Pop – “La Uva”


Follow us on Instagram today at @anonmag for Teri Gender Bender’s takeover! Currently on their A Raw Youth Tour, you can catch Le Butcherettes tonight in New York at Studio at Webster Hall, as well as in the following cities:


March 7 – New York, NY at Studio at Webster Hall
March 9 – Brooklyn, NY at Rough Trade NYC
March 10 – New Haven, CT at Cafe Nine
March 11-  Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts – Black Box
March 13 – Washington, DC at DC9 Nightclub
March 15 – Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade – Hell Stage
March 16 – Nashville, TN at The Stone Fox- THE END
March 18 – Dallas, TX at Spillover Fest


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