Land of Milk and Honey

Words and Photos: Olivia B Panella ( Instagram )


You seem to be foreign
and yet you are my home?
We are related, yet my last name is Panella
Yes, my fathers.
I wear a gold star of David around my neck,
and that says to you I am home.
The beach, the desert, the valley, the mountain, the milk and the honey.
Are they yours or mine?
My second visit, is it my home now?
The language isn’t innate
An American accent.
The land of milk and honey,
The land of chaos and terror.
The faith connection confused with physical form
A place where my American passport holds the power.


01 Aida Refugee Camp
Aida Refugee Camp, West Bank Bethlehem


02 Old City Jerusalem
Old City Jerusalem, Muslim Quarters


03 Hebron Palestine
Hebron, H1 Palestinian Controlled Sector 


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