La Luz’s SXSW Instagram Takeover

laluz1-vikeshkapoorPhoto Credit: Vikesh Kapoor


Currently based in Los Angeles’ duality of sunny dispositions and dark illusions, La Luz has crafted something special since their inception in 2012. Comprised of singer/guitarist Shana Cleveland, drummer Marian Li Pino, keyboardist Alice Sandahl, and bassist Lena Simon, the band’s surf-rock infested and reverb-drenched melodies maintain a haunting infectiousness while conjuring visions of hallucinatory desert landscapes. Citing inspiration from early teenage garage groups, La Luz’s journey from their first full length off Hardly Art, It’s Alive, through to their upcoming album, Floating Features (coming out on May 11th), has traversed textured terrain, soaking up a variety of genres and exuding complexity while still staying true to their initial vision. Their 2015 album, Weirdo Shrine, cites influence from Seattle artist Charles Burns and his graphic novel Black Hole, a story of sexual awakening and mutations manifesting in adolescents in mid-70’s suburbia. With the band’s incessant touring schedule, the members of La Luz are always seeking to grow and stretch their minds around the unfamiliar — whether by way of distinguished strangers they encounter or vast unexplored territory, the quartet never seems to settle for something merely comfortable.



We’re excited to announce that La Luz will be taking over our Instagram account tomorrow as they capture the sights and sounds of Austin’s SXSW Music festival! Follow us at @anonmag for the band’s adventures and for those of you in town for the fest you’ll want to make sure you have La Luz’s shows on your radar around town for the next coming days. You can follow the band on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages as well as pre-order their album Floating Features here.




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