La Casa Al Mare Brings Shoegaze Reverb From Rome, Italy



Rome’s shoegaze and dream-pop band La Casa Al Mare (which translates best to “The House By the Sea”) came to fruition in 2008 as guitarist and vocalist Alessio Pindinelli’s solo project, but later turned into a fleshed out band with Marco Poloni on bass and Paolo Miceli on drums. The band members met through attending the same concerts and through friends of friends, thus La Casa Al Mare was formed. Marco’s former band, La Calle Mojada, rehearsaled in Wax Recording Studio, where Pindinelli recorded their EP at the time. La Calle Mojada also did a joint tour with Miceli’s project Sea Dweller. After both projects disbanded in 2010, La Casa Al Mare became the primary focus. The trio spent last year recording their debut EP, This Astro, which was self-released back in May and is currently distributed by the Japanese indie record label Hands and Moment Records. Their seven track EP has won them praise from Sounds Better With Reverb, Step On Magazine, Arctic Drones and more. For fans of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive and Ride, you’ll certainly want to keep your ears open for this band.

You can follow and keep updated with La Casa Al Mare on their Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter pages.






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