Kyoto Lo-Fi’s Black Rainbow EP Makes for Unparalleled Aural Exploration


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Thanks a mutual love of the prolific Argentinian rock band Soda Stereo, Dallas-based indie garage rock band Kyoto Lo-Fi came to be. After recording material for their first EP, Black Rainbow, the duo found their third and final member at a local punk show and have since been gaining momentum in their hometown. Kyoto Lo-Fi are no strangers to experimenting with various musical genres and influences since their inception in November 2015. “Black Candles” opens their album with a nostalgic throwback to 90’s alt-rock a la Marcy Playground, embedded with a more current psychedelia throughout. The vocals emit something of a dark secret combined with minimal drum beats and staggering guitar riffs. Leading into “Spaceships”, the aural air takes on a current of upbeat and explosive instrumentation interspersed with hushed whispers and lo-fi penetrating shouts. Kyoto Lo-Fi pays homage to early Strokes with their swirls of guitar, enrapturing the listener’s attention right down to the three and a half minute mark. Ringing true of their third track’s title for “Sabotage Rameka”, the band’s harsh guitar tones and aggressive bellows pack a punch that gradually escalates into a sonic assault. Black Rainbow closes with the group’s demo for”Megatron”, an utterly catchy surf-rock melody that could easily find itself immersed on Burger Record’s roster. Kyoto Lo-Fi has a knack for letting each of their songs stand out as a notable musical brainchild while never losing track of that thread that ties the whole package together.



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