Artist Spotlight: Kyle Carter

Artist Spotlight: Kyle Carter

Existential chaos being the lens of the all encompassing today, it is through the work of Kyle Carter in which we find solemn comforting zen ease in which to center ourselves through visual release. Tedious, precise, present, all felt in expansive immediacy. Each piece affecting, not in the expected artistic sense of challenging ones place or skewing idealistic misconceptions, instead of an opposite ohm balancing mantra found radiating from even the swiftest glance.

Speaking on his approach Carter states, “geometry is transcendental. It isn’t something humans created – it’s something we’re born out of, and later discovered. It doesn’t age; it simply exists, unchanged by time or outside influence. It’s the visual expression of mathematics. So when I construct geometry, I try to get myself out of the way as much as possible. I don’t think of it as me creating something new, so much as tapping into the available possibilities that already exist within geometry, and doing my very best not to betray them. In this way, I view the work I make to be very different from the goal of most western artwork. I am not using it to express my individuality, or personal experience, or tell a story. I am acting as a channel through which the geometry makes itself tangible in our shared physical reality.”

Being of the mindset Carl Jung is one of the more important philosophers ever to exist, his obsession with symbolism has always been where my appreciation has disassociated from interest. Page after page the glimpse into how his mind processed and was consumed to define something as Avital Ronell might have pointed out “cannot be grasped or explicated,” I have spent many long winded moments in conversations throughout the years trying to express my standoff nature to this one facet of Jung. Carter may have finally articulated through his expression on how his mind has transformed over the years in understanding his chosen focus, “I used to get really into the meaning and symbolism associated with geometry and occult symbols. I’d construct my patterns with the symbolism in mind, in the hopes of creating something profoundly meaningful and significant. Nowadays, I view all the symbolism we attribute to geometric shapes (the pentagram, the square, the circle, etc.) as false meaning that humans projected onto geometry in order to give their lives more purpose and explanation.”

Tangible works of Kyle Carter’s, as well as some fine threads featuring it, can be purchased through Raw Paw. Read more on his process here.

Kyle Carter – Raw Paw | Instagram

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