Kevin Kurecki Takeover!



Based out of Chicago, Illinois, 26 year old artist Kevin Kurecki moved to Austin, TX as a way of escape from the harsh winters as well as a change from his northern environment, and has been loving the city ever since. Focusing primarily on photography and handmade collage art over the last few years has provided Kurecki with a means of expressing himself via a different portal away from this world into his own. His art stemmed initially from writing down all his personal musings, lyrics, art, and sayings in a moleskin notebook, which unfortunately got destroyed along the way during his life travels. Kurecki mentions that his art and collages are “a good way to look back at everything piece by piece that was created at that time and remember what I was going through”, as well as a means of confronting the inevitable loss of memories while growing up. Kurecki never had grandiose plans to share his art with the world, but he feels fortunate for all the amazing experiences he’s had so far and is looking forward to many more to come.

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