New Music: Kay Odyssey – “No Birds Sing”

So maybe you were thinking this mood to put on some Mazzy Star in your search for self-motivation while floating across the sea of emotional confusion called for something more of the moment; escapist memories and pains of future nostalgia made attached to something more your own. Kay Odyssey cries out from the wilderness for you to do just that—near verbatim.

Anyone else missing the days when Kay Odyssey seemed to be playing like a million shows and you couldn’t wait to make it out to them all? We gotta shine on a little longer little diamonds. In the meantime, grab up a notebook, set “No Birds Sing” on repeat, and fill those pages with some art reflective of the expression your psyche could use on this Monday of Mondays in this foul year of our lord two-thousand-and-twenty. Like most of their songs, this one hits harder with each new pressing of play.

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