It’s A SubTweet

We’ve all used them. We’ve all seen them. We all have a love / hate relationship with them. These, my friends, are what I find to be the most commonly seen sub-tweets on my timeline each and every day. This is only a list of 20, there are oodles more that I will eventually post about, but I thought I would go ahead and just start with these. Beneath is a small description of what they mean, or a situation in which they will be used. Have a swell day.



1. K. (sometimes seen as: “haha ok.”)

AKA Potassium. This will get the point across. You’re being serious. This is for real.

2. Oh.

Subtle. It’s like saying “I’m surprised / but it’s whatever / go die.” 

3. ….REALLY?!

Woah. How could you honestly do that? What is your life? 

4. That’s classy.

Don’t worry, we all saw that picture before you deleted it.

5. I love how you think I care.

But I do care, though… because now I’m miserable. So that’s awkward. 

6. Can you not?

I’m over everything you’re about, so leave the building. 

7. No.


8. Like, what is wrong with you?

How could you do/say that to me/them/she/him/her/it?  

9. Yeah, we all saw that.

That Instagram photo with that girl who isn’t your girlfriend. Ya nasty.  

10. Please. Stop. Talking.

I’m about to stab myself in the eye if you say one more word. 

11. You’re in college, start acting like it.

Why does she continue to cause all of this ~*DrAmMMaaA*~?! 

12. What goes around comes around.

I hope you get an STD and then drown. 

13. #SorryNotSorry

I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. And I think I’m hardcore. 

14. Really, I want to hear you complain a little bit more.

There’s got to be something redeeming about your awful life. Find it.  

15. Twitter isn’t a diary….

You’re forever alone. We get it. No one cares anymore. At all. 



17. I don’t even know what “friends” are anymore.

My friends screwed me over for the LAST time. (until next week) 

18. Just goes to show you can’t trust anyone.

Whatever happened to “the cone of silence?”  Like, who are you people.

19. GROW. UP.

This isn’t the age of Limited Too and Claire’s, sweetie. Say it to my face.

20. You’re not even funny.

But I am, so there’s that.  

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