Is He Into You?




So you met this guy, right, and he’s hot and funny and smart and basically perfect. You’ve exchanged numbers, maybe hung out a few times, and now it has come to the worst part: trying to figure out if he actually likes you, or if he just wants to hit it and quit it. It took me awhile to master the art of reading minds, but it turns out that it’s not THAT hard (usually), so I’ve compiled a list of signs to look for, if you want to find out if your special guy is actually into you.

1. He’s taken you out on a date. A REAL date. Not a, “Hey want to come sleep over?” date. Dinner, a movie, a museum… somewhere where you guys actually partake in conversation. It’s a red flag if a guy isn’t keen on the idea of getting out of the house. If he’s a manwhore, he’s not likely to take you in public, because what if you bump into last night’s girl?

2. He’s introduced you to his friends. If he’s showing you off to his buds, that’s a way of saying that he’s proud of what he’s got. And if there’s more than one woman, he probably wouldn’t want to risk you finding out through those buds of his.

3. He holds your hand. Especially if it’s in public, but even when you two are alone it’s a big deal. That is one of the least sexual forms of affection and I’ve found that guys typically don’t do it if they’re not looking for anything long term.

4. He doesn’t try to have sex with you. This might sound weird, but a guy who doesn’t try to get you in bed the first chance he gets is a keeper! That means he digs your personality, not just your body.

5. You hear from him often throughout the day. Unlike us girls, guys don’t bother playing the “I-have-to-wait-an-hour-before-I-reply” game. If they want to talk to you, they will. If they don’t, they won’t. Also, side note: if he’s only texting or calling you after midnight, STAY AWAY. He’s most likely horny and/or drunk, I promise. If he really wants to hang out with you, he can wait til the morning!

But of course, the easiest way to really find out if a guy likes you is to ask. Don’t be shy! Confidence is key!

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