Introducing Film Photographer Scott Semler

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Scott Semler fell in love with film photography two years ago as a result of a terrible break-up. Looking for something to occupy his time, Semler spent his days experimenting and documenting photos as well as learning the technical side of film photography. After purchasing his Yashica 635, he developed a careful eye for interesting and intriguing subjects and meticulously honed in on his craft. With a knack for mastering honest and raw portraits, Semler already has several paid jobs under his belt and looks forward to capturing more photos that draws a wide audience in. You can keep updated with his work on his Tumblr, Instagram, and Flickr accounts.


chicago portra 400 19Connor


chicago portra 400 21Connor


chicago portra 400 22Connor


chicago portra 400 25Connor


portra160 1Jvizzle


portra160 10Jvizzle


mamiya 645 trix 1Johnny Boy


indirect portraits 16Indirect Portraits


indirect portraits 18Indirect Portraits


indirect portraits 32Indirect Portraits


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