Intimacy and Distance: Photography by Ophelie Rondeau

Ophelie Rondeau is a French self-taught film photographer from Paris, currently living and working in London. Six months ago she started shooting girls on film as a way to capture her perception of friendship, love, and natural beauty in girls she meets, based on the concept of repetition. She finds beauty in every individual and succeeds in capturing girls of different colors, shapes, and origins in her photography. Her focus on relationships and friendships originates from how the internet has affected human contact, depicting human connections as either present or absent. Her inspiration comes primarily from her own life and memories, and by the every day things she sees, hears, and reads.


Rondeau’s work will be featuring in ANON Magazine’s fourth print issue – you can purchase a copy on October 16th at Swan Dive in Austin, TX or be on the lookout to purchase the magazine on our website in the near future. You can view more of Rondeau’s work on her website as well as platforms such as Sticks and Stones agency, C-Heads Magazine and Moist Magazine.
















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