Interview Series: Rayne and MJ on Gender Confirmation Surgery



Currently residing in Austin, TX, sisters Rayne and MJ have created a series of web videos discussing first hand transgender experiences. Transitioning to a female about six years ago, Rayne faced many challenges and has come a long way on her journey since 2011 — learning how to pass, starting on hormones, going to school and becoming a web designer. Initially not having gender confirmation surgery in the forefront of her mind, Rayne’s course has led to surgery being one of her main sources of dysphoria. Both sisters will be embarking to Thailand for Raine’s gender confirmation surgery at the end of August, with her surgery to take place on September 2nd. Funds will be needed for hotel stays, food, airfare and of course the surgery itself. Rayne and MJ’s interview-style YouTube videos discuss topics related to Rayne’s personal transition, surgery options and why they chose Thailand, as well as more information about their GoFundMe fundraiser page and what sorts of awesome rewards they’re sending out for those that donate to their page. Watch their series below and donate to their GoFundMe page here! You can also follow MJ’s personal page for Facebook Live Q&As and to contact her for art project requests.






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