Individualism Is Sexy

     While I currently reside in a relatively uniform town called College Station, Texas, I see that the majority of college students, majority being about 98%, have one style.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many people come up to me saying, “I wish I could dress like you” or something to that effect and then continue by saying “I could NEVER do that”.  Well I’m here to tell you, my curious reader, you have never been further from the truth.  Style is not something that can be handed to you in a magazine.  You will never look like any of those people.  You will never look like someone other than who you are once you’ve found your true, individual, unique and dare I say, sexy style.  I’m sure you’re thinking, “Me, Sexy?”  YES. YOU.  Confidence is what makes an outfit work.  Go out, far away from Academy, ditch the Gander Mountain, and don’t even think about setting eyes on Cavenders Boot City for once.  I encourage you for at least ONE day; dress like that person you find intriguing.  Go to a thrift store and spend 5 dollars on a new outfit.  Go to the mall and find some store you’ve been dying inside to explore.  Run away from the uniformity that flared jeans with the fleur delis on the pockets and those horrid XXXL t-shirts put you in.  Be bold.  Be daring.  And for once, show your true character.


     Now I’m willing to bet your next excuse is that you “can’t afford to dress like those girls or guys with great style”… If I could, I would stop you mid-thought, but since you’ve already committed to it, I’ll let you off just this once.  I want you to think of how many pairs of Nike athletic shorts you have.  How many pairs of jeans? How many t-shirts? How many pairs of flip flops/Chacos/cowboy boots you own.  Just imagine if you had purchased something that wasn’t part of the latest “fads”.  How much money would you have saved? The average pair of Nike shorts can run you from the average of $25.00-50.00.  Now let’s look at Chacos and cowboy boots which can range anywhere upwards of $70.00-300.00 on average.  Why must we all spend our money on such things just to blend in and be a part of this social uniform? There are so many other items out there that are much better looking and equally as comfortable for a lesser price.  I encourage you to stand up against your tendency to blend in and say “SCREW IT”.  Try something new.  Be you. Be an individual. Because nothing is sexier than someone who can be confident in being just who they are.  Dare to be yourself.


  • Leah

    I completely agree on this. I’m one of the few that dress funky around here! I love when I see purple hair or red combat boots on campus. I’m pretty annoyed of the black sports leggings, tennis shoes, giant t-shirt combo we got goin on.

  • Phuong T.

    I completely agree with the parts of “Nike shorts/jeans/tshirts/etc.” And I can’t understand the part about black legging & baggy tshirts… just why?

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