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Holy Jesus, this math rock band, Tera Melos, is so god damn good.  I have difficulty starting off this article, because this band is seriously unlike anything I’ve ever heard, so I’ll probably just make up for by swearing too much, BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING AMAZING. FUCKING. AMAZING.  It’s also summer now, and I don’t want to exert my brain anymore.  I fuckin’ wrecked my finals, and I deserve to not think for a bit.


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Tera Melos are on a technical level that rivals most highly skilled progressive bands, such as Dream Theater and Kayo Dot (who is also quite good, if you want something else to check out), but instead of focusing on a primarily metal sound, as many progressive bands do, they focus on an indie rock style, bringing in many, many, many, many, many, (in other words, a lot of) influences, that span from jazz to ambient to indie to metal to even like 5 measures of ska in their song Trident Tail.  Not to mention there is odd meter FUCKING EVERYWHERE in all of their music.  Seriously, this shit is complex, yo.  Like all intellectual and shit, y’kno?

They recently came out with their album, X’ed Out, which is quite the zinger (as are all of their albums), but I have been in damn love with their 2010 album, Patagonian Rats, which is what the aforementioned song is from.  While Tera Melos isn’t afraid to get in touch with the dark, gloomy, “the world sucks, there’s no god, I hate everything” side of prog, Patagonian Rats has is the almost the exact opposite of that style of prog.  Hopefully this will explain: Patagonian Rats still makes your stomach churn at its weird interval shifts, but it’s akin to the churning you felt as a kid when you would go over a bump when your parents were driving; it was fun.  This album paints a new picture of prog, with uplifting jams and even a bit of a beach rock vibe.  It’s a great listen.  All of their stuff is great.  Words can only do so much to explain this band, and you have to hear them to really understand what I’m trying to convey here.

I mean, yeah.  Just listen to them.

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