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Quite possibly the greatest thing out of the New York scene since The Strokes, SKATERS capture an addictive, garage-pop sound that fuses elements of punk and indie dreaminess into a glorious combination of sounds. These sounds cannot simply be categorized into just one genre of music. I fell in love with this band during my adventure at SXSW, galavanting about the streets of Austin in search of new music. My journey took me to the Local Natives set at The Mohawk, and, there on the set list, a humble band named SKATERS from New York City. The show really blew me away. The Lead singer, Michael Cummings, swaggered out onto the stage, outfitted in his signature “SKATERS” trench coat, hammered down a beer, and stumbled to the mic, and a wave of sound just hit me. There was something about it that I can’t really put into words, and I think it really came down to this: here was a band who just wanted to put on a kick ass show, and didn’t give a shit about what they’d have to do to make that happen. That’s punk rock, people.

I could go on and breakdown each one of the tracks on their EP, but… it just wouldn’t do them justice, and I argue that it probably shouldn’t even be done. Their sound is just so raw and cut to the nerve, which is common of songs conveyed from the heart or from some deeper level. I really have endless good things that I could say, but it wouldn’t do SKATERS justice, you’ll just have to go see what I mean. They don’t have a full length album out yet, but their dynamic EP “Schemers” is out for download for free, and I highly encourage everyone to go pick it up; this band deserves so much attention and publicity. Through a simply written blog I cant convey the music, it’s meant to be discovered and appreciated. So, go download it, listen to it all the way through, and immerse yourself in their music.

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