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So, if you’re a music blog reader, you have most likely read something about CHVRCHES in the past year. The music world has seemingly fallen in love with the trio from Glasgow, and it is no wonder why we have. As if appearing out of nowhere, CHVRCHES has been on a daunting musical conquest of fame, and has sparked excitement for an 80’s synth revival in music. Almost a year after the release of their massively popular and exciting single “Lies,” which generated a massive following overnight, their debut EP “Recover” dropped last tuesday. Yep. It’s finally here. So, Get ready to have a new favorite band.

The first time I heard their music, I thought I had stumbled upon something out of an 80’s disco. Their joyful blend of electro-synth and 80’s era pop is so unique and beautiful, yet what really stands out is Lauren Mayberry. If you don’t have a crush on her yet, don’t worry… you will. Her voice is so pure, yet powerful, and it is a perfect fit for the sound that CHVRCHES is pursuing. Reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper and Madonna in their prime, while also drawing comparisons to Tegan and Sara and M83, there is definitely something special about their ridiculously infectious brand of synth-pop. At this point, the sky is the limit for CHVRCHES, and the world of music is begging for more.

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