Illustrations by Kat Kon

Artist: Kat Kon

Kat Kon is an illustrator originally from Greece and currently based in London. Her greatest inspiration comes from pop and outsider culture. Kon uses mostly fine line marker pens but her work is generally recognized for looking digital because of her precision with bold colors and lines. She recently collaborated with The Bettys (a New York female art collective) as well as designed album artwork for the band Skating Polly. Three of her illustrations inspired by the TV shows Girls and Transparent were shown at the Critics’ Choice Awards in California.



Illustration of Kelli Mayo from the band Skating Polly 2015



Illustration of Vassia Roxy 2012



Illustration of Hole fan 2012



Illustration of Cece and Bruno X from the movie Modern Girls 2014



Illustration of the kids from the movie Mud 2014



Illustration inspired by the movie Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains 2013


acne superstarweb

Illustration of Kurt Cobain 2015



Illustration of Brody Dalle 2015



Illustration of Tiny from the documentary Streetwise 2011



Illustration about Seasonal Affective Disorder 2014


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