Human Ranges



Ludovica Anzaldi is an Italian photographer currently based in Paris, France. She grew up in Italy, between Rome and Sicily. After attending an artistic high school in Rome, she moved to Paris. In 2012 she attended the Parisian School of Photography Speos, and took an internship as an archivist at the Magnum Photos Paris. In 2014, she attended the ESAG Penninghen, the School of Artistic Direction. In her images, Anzaldi, attempts to represent human beings in all their complexities, darkness, poetry and sensuality. Anzaldi chooses to shoot women’s bodies to illustrate her purpose because it’s through their curves that Life happens. In each image, her models share a piece of their existence, in which the viewer can easily find themselves. By traveling inside one’s intimacy, we can get at the source of our own genesis. Through this questioning she proposes many different ways of life.


Anzaldi’s series for Human Ranges presents several declinations of womanhood. This work can be compared to a puzzle in which every shot represents a piece displaying tastes, personalities and intimacies of different women.With all of them, Anzaldi establishes a veritable collaboration. Every woman remains absolutely free to cast her decision about her image: they choose the clothes, the objects and locations, and they decide if they want to show their body or not. They are the ones who tell their stories, by accompanying the photographer throughout them. In her series, there are two different styles: Documentary Photography which testifies the everyday life of the protagonist, and Fashion Photography, enhancing the most important elements for both the photographer and the model. By merging and mixing their lives and stories through an intimate dialogue, Anzaldi shows us her personal interpretation of women. For Human Ranges, Anzaldi uses an Hasselblad 500 with 120 films 6×6. You can find more of her work on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

























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