House Invasion

Director: Surabhi Tandon 
Photographer: Kassia Karr


“Objects to Desire”

Or, Objects as metaphors; instead of using the object in question for its appropriate function, we played around with what could do and what each of those actions could symbolize.


For “House Invasion”, we used hair as the object and tried to create a story within each frame, one that is open ended and subject to personal interpretation. But not one that is devoid of meaning.

For instance, hair as food – insatiable gluttony on one end, delicate desire on another. But perhaps it’s really a commentary on food itself. Artificial, genetically modified, squeaky clean with chemicals and preservatives – nothing short of dead cells in a way.

Or hair in a lovers’ embrace. Personally, I see those particular photos as a statement and reaffirmation of more women needing to band together, for each other.

Hair, also used to blind yourself from what you see – to make a statement on our ever increasing detachment to the world around us. Avoiding the truth at all costs by simply shutting yourself from it.


Surabhi Tandon is a video journalist and photographer based out of New Dehli, India. You can see more of  stories on her Instagram and Twitter.
















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