High Fashion Halloween: DIY Fashion Show | Drag | Dance Party!!!!!!

High Fashion Halloween:

DIY Fashion Show | Drag | Dance Party


If Jackson Montgomery Schwartz does not top your list of favorite fashion artists then obviously you have yet to see any of his work. Everyone else feels pale and tired after looking through one of his photo shoots. Jackson is one of the rare ones to understand fashion can be cool, it can feel alive, that there is a hell of a lot more which goes into selling ones passion than sniffing your upper lip and championing pretension. If you are not following his Jxnart page on Instagram take a moment to do so; he burns life with color, even when experiencing it with the blasé swipe up boredom of a Tuesday morning hangover his technique and craft hits you like a keybump on the beginning of a great night about to be etched into the significant optimistic walls of the psyche forever.

We are lucky to have Jackson here in Austin, especially tonight when he is putting on a High Fashion Halloween Show at Barracuda. Hosted by Louisiana Purchase of Dragula S3, this DIY fashion drag dance party features runway designs by Sadie, Billie Green, Shadowplay Relics, Britt McMahon, This Is Sloane, and Chanelspace. The dance party will have a performance by Ladi Earth as well as Total Request Crew DJ’s. There is a best audience costume contest going on with the winning prize of $200–costume nominations will happen between nine and ten so if you know you look great avoid showing up fashionably, you might as well get paid for it.

This will not be the last you hear from Anon Magazine praising Jackson Montgomery Schwartz, do yourself a favor and see what we are hyped about for yourself. Grab your tickets here.



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