Heavy Times’ “Psychic Punk”



Progress has such negative connotations, the mere idea of it being attached to some band we are stoked for makes us cringe. More often than not “progress” is a term used as a shield by those who value self-gain over integrity when justifying why the album they are now promoting sounds like a desperate attempt at making a few dollars instead of pushing themselves towards the dangerous fringe area of existence called creativity. Some bands though catch our attention early having something ingrained in their aesthetic that gets us rallying behind them before the output matches the ambition. Heavy Times are one such band. Sometimes it’s once the progress is recognized that we come to even realize it was something we had been waiting for all along, their latest single “Psychic Punk” is a perfect example.



Heavy Times have been a collective rallying for a result going on six years now, “Psychic Punk” finally allows each individual to speak, breaking things down intellectually so that each song isn’t just some short, sweaty, cranked result as has been offered up in the past. Instead, we see how constantly playing shows and learning to appreciate what each member has to offer can make a single-serving experience such as this feel bolder than anything they have given us before by focusing the light on each part of the collective rather than blending it into some wash of Rock n Roll. The guitar playing now feels savage, the minimalist lyrics a rallying cry, this is a much more direct song than what we’ve heard from these Chicago dudes before.


For all positives I could say about these guys, one negative remains; they are terrible with the internet, their promotion of shows via Facebook is as active as they ever get and since the very beginning it has made quite difficult all attempts at getting those unfamiliar on board with what they are doing; case in point, they announced two upcoming EPs in December with a year old song attached to it, no follow up, no further information. If it wasn’t for the fact that Dumpster Tapes is my favorite label in the world I wouldn’t have even known this song existed. Thank god for Dumpster Tapes, you can pre-order this song along with nineteen others as part of the Monster Compilation Vol. 2 for $7 here. I take the band at their word on the upcoming albums, we just have no other information at this point.


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